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Neurio Smart Home Energy Monitor


The Neurio home energy monitor opens up real-time home energy monitoring to renters and condo dwellers. Follow a simple 15 minute DIY installation to track your energy consumption from your smartphone. 

The Neurio connects to your electrical panel to analyze exactly how much power you're drawing at any moment in time. Knowing what you're using puts you in control of your energy, cutting down on energy consumption and saving money in the process. 

The companion app (available on Android and iOS) forecasts your monthly energy bill and makes recommendations on how to bring it down. 

Energy monitoring for everyone

Neurio works for renters and people living in condos and apartments. As long as you have a fusebox, you can connect the device and start monitoring your energy. When your lease is up, take it with you to your next home!


Energy- Expect reductions of 10% or more in your energy usage and bill.

Planetary- Each year you can expect to save 793 lb+ of CO2 or the equivalent of:

  • 387lb+ of coal being burnt
  • 15+ propane cylinders
  • 9+ trees


Installing the Neurio Home Energy Monitor is a simple procedure if you're familiar with your household's electrical system. If you're more comfortable leaving it to the professionals, select the package with included installation to have one of our technicians deliver Neurio direct to your door and install it on your behalf.

How it works

Included with your kit are 2 current transformers which, when clipped around your mains wire, can monitor the flows of electricity within your apartment. Once the Neurio Sensor is installed in your electrical panel, it will start sending the info via the included WiFi sensor to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

What's included

  • Neurio Wifi Sensor
  • 2 current transformers
  • Voltage cables
  • Antenna and mounting options
  • Accessories
  • Installation instructions

The apps

The Neurio Home app is freely available on Android and iOS, allowing you to keep a real-time eye on your energy usage from your smartphone or tablet. As well as instant power readings, Neurio connects your usage to cost so you can see the effect on your energy bill as you turn appliances on and off. The app notifies you of your lowest power usage, keeps a record of your base load and even compares your usage to that of others.

Neurio Home Energy Map on Android